You’ve Never Seen (nor tasted) a Chocolate Spread Quite Like This

There’s a lot of chocolate spreads out there. You know that. Take a walk down the snack aisle of any grocery store and you’ll see dozens and dozens of them lining the shelves.

Most of them are tasty. We’ll admit that. But, if you flip them over and look at the ingredients, you won’t keep your appetite for long.

We created Shocolat to offer a different kind of chocolate spread... a chocolate spread with a little bit of Oomph. While we can’t legally claim it’s healthy, what we can claim is that you’ll know exactly what you’re getting in every single mouthful. And, that’s saying something.

Whether it be our Chocolate Hazelnut spread or our Chocolate Peanut Butter spread, we stick to the ten finger rule. If we can’t count the ingredients in our products on two hands, then we won’t ship them.

Here at Shocolat, quality ingredients and total transparency are obsessions for us. And, by combining these two obsessions we’ve been able to create a seriously delicious chocolate spread. One that will leave you saying Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.